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Typically, the words ‘helicopter hangar’ conjure up the image of a large tin shed. And typically, that would be accurate. But not so in this case!Builder West-ville Constructions Pty Ltd has set a new standard with their recently completed Jandakot Helicopter Hangar, which is located in the helicopter zone alongside the FESA and RAC hangars at Jandakot Airport in Perth, Western Australia…

On approach, it soon becomes very evident that this is not just another hangar – in fact you could easily be forgiven for thinking that it isn’t a hangar at all! Whilst the construction is essentially concrete tilt up panels and structural steel, Westville’s hangar (which is set in a predominantly commercial area) looks more like a contemporary two storey office building that belongs in the CBD or West Perth, than it does a hangar! In fact the only possible give away (to the modern, clean Ultrapanel and Alucobond cladding and glass façade) that it isn’t an office building, is the wide roller door on one side. Even then, this building would sit comfortably in the Herdsman Office Park area, or similar.

But the ‘front’ elevation is only the beginning of the ‘excellence in construction’ and ‘overcoming of challenges’ when we consider this building.

The real feature of this hangar is the working side of the building – the helicopter access door! Imagine a garage bi fold door, and then build one which spans 17.5 metres wide and 7.5 metres high – as is the case on the rear elevation of the building. This is what gives this building its functionality and uniqueness…

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